On book Hangover…

book hangover

Feeling like the year is almost over, or is it? it probably feels that way because this is the time of the year when I do a review of the year, new goals and planning. Different i know, but i don’t do my planning at the beginning of the year, i’m wired (not wieird, don’t read this the wrong way) like that, my mind still follows the formal education routine. I’ve spent summer making my study look like a serious writer’s space slash office for my project. I’m loving it. The only upsetting thing is that I have to share it with the husband, (I’m still working on adjusting my life, don’t judge me) I just miss the days, that now lurks somewhere in my memory, when I leave my book stacks on the reading table and my magazine specifically opened to the last page I left it and actually come back to meet it there, just as I left it; with my tea cup stains and the teacup itself. These days, they are cleared up and put away neatly but not by me.
Yeah, I was talking about autumn, why was I distracted?
The study is slowly becoming my favourite room again, and that surely is a good thing unless I have to spend hours to cook for the week.I’ll put some pictures of my study up later when its’ all looking perfect, and all my books are arranged in alphabetical order. I’ve lost so many books, from lending to people. I’ve decided no more sharing.

The last few weekends were the solace weekends: for curing cold/flu, for books, tea and aloneness and comfort food; a type of aloneness that’s healthy and lets your mind have a good wonder around. I was in church (only because I was feeling guilty I hadn’t been for some weeks) sitting alone and wasn’t listening to the preacher because I was still thinking of the book I was reading. I was dreaming it and properly drawn into it. I wasn’t wishing to be in it, I just found myself in it. There are so many reasons for that which i will discuss later not here.

Now the issue is this, I get this with some books, not all. The husband catches me smiling at myself in the kitchen and in my sleep and sleep-talking the book too. I wouldn’t know why I do this.
It’s called a book hangover, the symptoms described above, and when you finally finish the book. You can’t pick up another one, can’t watch a movie to cure it, can’t pretty much do anything to it, but you don’t want to read it again. You slowly let it wear off on it’s own, but surely i can’t do life like this.
I’ve woken up, some minutes past midnight, knowing I’ve woken up from a section in the book talking to the characters and now I’m up realizing it was a dream. (Don’t laugh please)
I’ve always wondered if there is any cure for it. I wonder if books would have inscriptions like:
‘WARNING YOU MIGHT GET A HANGOVER’ and that sort of prepares you for it, just like your cigarette box.
I would appreciate suggestions, although husband suggests talking about it, but I have already.
Something needs to be invented to cure this. Like a quick read in between books to bring you back to reality before you start on another book.
Maybe I read something in a different genre for a faster cure!


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