It’s been 7 days since the last time I was here! I knew I wouldn’t stay away for long this time though.

I paused because I wanted to know what Morning Pages had done for me, what was it’s good, if there was any.

Despite reaching the 28-day challenge last month, I stopped!

In 7 days that I didn’t write any morning pages, I have missed it. I can’t believe I said that, because not every morning was exciting.

I also realized in the past 7 days, I was totally lost and my mind felt clogged up, I didn’t follow my diary/schedule as I did in February and my writing was everywhere.

So for any, writer like me out there on the journey to print…

Here are my observations:

  • Morning pages are a fantastic tool every serious  writer ought to do; well maybe it’s not for everyone. It shouldn’t be a tool; it should be a lifestyle that a writer should develop. However, if you find out that life happens to you, like it does to most of us, then get on it! My best To-Do lists and Goal Setting times come from very open Morning Page writing. I should buy the Artistic way, by Julia Cameron
  •  You now don’t need to wait for writing Muse, as you become more of a prolific writer, now I’m not yet a prolific writer, I wouldn’t say so, but it helps to be spontaneous.  Almost like a light-bulb moment when you just think and then write as soon as.
  • Fantastic ideas come forth in the pages.    When you stop “thinking” and start “doing” the writing, it all flows forth.
  • And, last but not least, these morning pages help you to break habits.  Sometimes habits you didn’t know you had.  This is a very powerful by-product of shining a mirror on your true self- you get to see it all.  If you can refrain from beating yourself up when you see your own shortcomings, you just might find a way to make those big changes.  Pages have helped my friends with sobriety, better eating, healthier thought patterns, breaking relationship addictions and so much more.  You need to be able to admit you have a problem before you can change it, and these pages show you that you might just need to admit a few things to yourself, and push those out of the way, too. 
  • Morning pages are just a healthy lifestyle for writers, or any artist to empty their mind in the early hours of dawn. I’ve enjoyed it, absolutely. I’ll get my morning pages back onto my journal and carry on.   Julia Cameron is emphatic about not letting others read your stuff.  After all, other people’s opinions have led to you being blocked or feeling uncreative in the first place, why invite them into your healing process?! I did mine here in Feb as a challenge so I can commit to it, and find it’s benefits. Now i can say, I’ve tasted the pudding, and the taste is really in the eating! 

I am getting myself a new calendar for the Year and in the mean time, I ought to do my reading list for 2014.

 I am working on reading 24 books this year, that’s two a month and hopefully I won’t be distracted by looking for a book that’s not on the list. 

Meanwhile I wrote a short story, which I will upload shortly. I was inspired while cooking the other day, to write it. It might end up being a series; I’m still working on it.

Below is my reading list for 2014 below, please click the link, I’m still updating:


Right, don’t laugh at the title of this post, i just listened to the song a minute ago and racing the clock before its 9th March, and the title is in my head. 

You should listen to it, i think it’s crap though, but crap songs sticks in your head more than good ones, haha! It’s by Nick Mulvey



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