Day 28


I woke up with leftover memory of last night, vibrant and clear. Although I was yanked out of heavy sleep, the memories flooded back like a swarm of bees. It was a good night of laughter and good conversation, one that makes you chuckle while alone as you throw back your mind.

I opened my sticky eyes and quickly remind myself that it’s the last day of February.  I tell myself,

‘Get up Rebecca, you need to plan something else.’

I’ve decided this year, I would have little ‘to-do-list’ for a cluster of months or for each month, rather than do a whole year’s plan. It should really work for me because I get bored doing something for so long, don’t know how I managed to complete my MA; although there’s a catch phrase for the year,  like a theme that runs through the collection of monthly focus.

I remember that I have a client, who’s write-up I must complete, and that means I ignore my own story for now.

I have come to like February, the way it shakes rattles and rolls, moving back and forth between not quite winter and damn cold. If February were a colour I think it would be white, the colour of new blank page. One that gives you second chance to fix January If you didn’t start right.

Unlike March, February is quite and calm and humble and patient. She is short and sweet and not a downer like January. I don’t think most people like January just like people don’t like Mondays. Februarys are like Tuesdays; they take it easy on you. February is the back rub after the punch.

I’m typing and husband is talking and distracting me, I know he really wants to talk but I’m typing. I’m pretending to be listening; I can’t stop because I’m just letting my mind flow on its own. It’s like coasting when driving. He likes full attention; I don’t mind divided attention depending on what I’m saying. He’s telling me what he can tell me later, I’m doing morning pages dear.

I imagine someday, my child would wake up and pull me, asking for my attention, and I would say, ‘darling, mummy is doing morning pages’

He would cry and whimper and I will look away. I will give him a paper and pen and say write, sit beside me and write and hopefully I won’t be distracted.

Okay, good thing I’ve not entirely lost my trend of thought. I shall plan for March. I think of March as a verb, more than a noun. It’s just about doing, and not resting. I shall welcome him with open arms.

Oh, thanks all for reading and encouraging me throughout my challenge. It not feeling like a challenge anymore, maybe cus it’s ending. I really never imagined what I would have written today, I just took the first step.

Phone is ringing, client is calling.



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