Day 26



I finally completed an application I was working on and it felt good to finally click ‘send.’

I’m lazy these days filling forms or doing applications that will insist on me doing calculations of what year I did what. Maybe I’m starting to feel a little old but anyways.

I’m starting my reading group today and while ringing the members the other day, they were telling me stuff like, ‘oh I can’t make it in the evening I can only do morning.’

I’m having two thoughts here: either they are unemployed or lazy! No offense, but who does reading groups in the morning?

PS I’m not your …

I was so annoyed and so I politely told them people who work actually can never meet for an AM meeting, what nonsense is that?

So then I just got a phone call from one person in the middle of my morning page, telling me, how can I pick a book that she has read before?

Erm, how was I suppose to know that? I’ve not met anyone from this group before, I was only given numbers and email addresses with names. She also asked me:

‘Oh, is the date today or Thursday?’

I don’t know what name to give this reading group either. Oh well!

She was on the phone for like few minutes telling me she doesn’t like the book anyways and what happened in the book!

Gosh, today is going to be fun, I have to put on my nice face and remember to smile.

I’ll probably have to ring them all again to confirm that its Wednesday evening, today!

I’m usually calm, well sometimes but today It looks like I have to put my bossy hat on with this group. I’m not taking nonsense from nobody.

Grrrrrrrhhhhhh it’s too early in the morning

I just lost my trend of thought!


2 responses to “Day 26

    • Sandi, haha! It went well, quite a surprise. We meet monthly and discuss literature, we focus on a book for the month, usually a meeting of writers
      and avid readers, fighting over what the writer really wanted to say. haha

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