Day 25

day 25


This day has always been a day we celebrate since I’ve known how to spell my name; it’s weird because I still find myself putting a circle around the 25th February on the calendar.

My grand mum’s birthday, and although she ‘s no more,  our family still talk about this day. She loved her birthday and would always insist that it’s rude not to remember someone’s birthday.  I don’t remember the day she passed away, but I prefer it like that. She had pretended to be dead many times when we were growing up, lying on the bed and not moving.

We would push her and slap her and do all the stupid things, then she’ll open her eyes after someone starts to cry -her reason was that she was preparing us for when she’ll die and she really wants to know who will really cry. So when my mum told me grandma died, my first response was,

‘mum Grandma is not dead, give her a few minutes and she’ll open her eyes. She plays dead too much mum don’t mind her’

My mum only responded crying and i insisted that Grandma was messing about.

She would say,

‘I have been a good grandmother to you and the Lord is my witness that I’ve brought you up right.’

She was the best grandmother I could have had. I feel like a privileged child who had everything having my grandmother. She taught me so many skills and for that I’m grateful. 



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