Day 24

day 24


I’ve woken up and craving for biscuit, don’t know why maybe because I slept very late.

We arrived at 1.00 this morning, it was a long journey back on that empty train.

I remember the woman who sat  across our table,  I thought  she was weird. I’m sure she thought I was weird too as I won’t stop staring at her.  I was so shocked by what she was did later. I wanted to start a conversation on the book I thought she was reading, by E.M. Foster ‘Where Angels fear to thread.’

She picked up the book after devouring a BLT baguette, she ate the baguette with attention, sucking the juice from the tomatoes and picking up the crumbs from her burst, each time she did she’ll lick her thumb and index finger. She chewed so hard and the movement of her jaws made me think she’s been doing this for years, she had no juice, just the baguette and she worked her way to the final crumb. In my head I was imagining me doing this,  I won’t last long before choking. Baguette for me equals dry and crusty and no, my jaws will hurt.

I looked away for a bit into the blackness of the window that reflected me,  I think she enjoyed being watched so I resumed because soon after I did, she looked more relaxed. She licked her lips and smacking at them with passion. Then she brought out the book, and I read the cover upside down, feeling content that we might like the same book.

The constant movement of her glasses from her face to her head was quiet distracting though, I thought the frame would be loose by now.

Suddenly, she took out her iPhone and put the ear phones on, I couldn’t see the if she was making a call or listening to music but she began to move the phone dramatically with one hand, as though she was scanning something all over the train from her seat. She moved high and low and I heard her chanting something so I hurriedly brought out my laptop to distract me from this woman. My battery was low so the laptop won’t come on, and since I sat by the socket, I plugged the charger but I noticed it looked faulty. I didn’t put my laptop away, I just pretended that there was something interesting on the laptop for me to watch.  She carried on as though the phone  was a charm and she moved her hand, swaying it like a ballet dancer. She wore a very serious look scanning the top carriage space.

I giggled with my hand clasped around my mouth and stole a look every now and again, and she still hadn’t stopped.

She picked the book back again and every  few minutes, she would aggressively pick the phone and start chanting again.

It was until she got to her stop, that she stopped, I nodded off at some point and remembered waking up to find her excited to see me awake.

This weird woman was on my mind this morning, I’m wondering what’s she’s doing and what she had for breakfast and how she’s eating whatever it is.

Has she got a real wand or charm to ward off the spirits after each meal?



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