Day 23


While I’m still here, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve had an amazing time at your lovely home, husband and I.

The warmth, the conversations, the food and the brotherly love will always remain with us.  Thank you for opening your home to us!

It’s been a strange few days with family, I don’t feel so connected like that anymore, the food is now different, and the conversation topics have changed. People struggling to speak and the laughter so hurriedly patched. Everything changes once you are married, I’ve been told that but as it happens, it sinks in and you are more surprised.

I am not the same person anymore, even if I looked the same. My ideas and perceptions are shifting not a great deal though, but it’s shifting. The looks I got when offered food and when I decline  the beef, the eyebrow were raised, the eye contacts, and the worried look was embraced by a smile from my husband.

They want  to ask him why, but his smile was confusing.

Everyone is asking about kids, and my face goes cold, my laughter halts abruptly. It’s very hard to communicate your ideas; much harder when your own ideas are the ones for you, so I’ve been told.  Must you even communicate your ideas?

People insisting they are giving you invaluable ideas, what happened to asking what are your plans and not giving you one?

I want to withdraw into my space and talk to myself or maybe read a book.

I’m bloated from so much food, drinks and more food! My head is still buzzing from the noise and the excitement.

Time to pack the bags and make the journey back.

New project looms in my head!


3 responses to “Day 23

  1. Family mean best. Part of development is learning how to have those difficult conversations and still stay true to who you are.

  2. Even though I am not lucky to have found myself a husband like you have Becky, I too have been badgered by people about kids .. So even us single ones(at the moment) can empathize with you! I believe in the saying, “no one knows tomorrow”,so I don’t plan certain things anymore…Because that saying is true .. By this time next year, I could be fortunate like you, you could have a very happy(And loud screaming surprise! Hee hee!)surprise which will change yours and your husband’s life.. Just take it easy-The best things are a surprise, and I’m sure our parents didn’t have things come together by the click of a finger… Being a parent is hard, and getting pregnant in the first place, can be daunting.. Plus every pregnancy is different and so when you do become a mum to be, there will be common things and some uncommon.. All the same there isn’t really much preparation for motherhood.. Just listen to the advice , good and scary, and when you do hear patter of feet, just observe and learn.. After all, stages in life throw learning curves.. P.S:You’ll be alright!

  3. Let me startt from this angle, generally people just like being in another person’s business. I have a daughter that I so much love that i dont even want to share her, and I will hear every time when is the second one coming…oh you ought to have had another by now…ah why are you wasting time, and in my mind I just started my life and i still have my plans for liife that is just starting, though i still don’t know how to handle the pressure but i am just living life one step at a time…trust you can handle it too.

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