Day 19



Dear Morning page,

As I have written in the past couple of  weeks, and soared personally, I see fear creeping up. It clatters inside me, coming out in many forms: a change in my tone, a difference in something I say, my imaginations scrambled.

Truth is that the fear is there somewhere lurking, but it won’t come out until I give it space and give it something to breed, it won’t radiate.

I realized however that it is what I focus on and place my energy.

When I face my fears and turn to my passion, I then realize it’s not such a big thing after all. Fear will dissolve as though it was never there. The knowledge sifted. The experiences passed. When we give ourselves time and space, beautiful things happen. Doors open. Clarity comes. When we invite clarity into our lives, it can’t not come because it’s been there all along.

So rather than focus my energy on this fear, whatever type it is, I will cultivate something else. I will till my soul and cultivate something I know will be of use to m I will like to cultivate something today, I’m not sure what though!  When I cultivate something and it yields, I do get excited. I have cultivated honesty with people around me through ingenuity and openness, although the fruits yield very late almost rotten; I have nurtured reliable relationships. I will cultivate my creativity and watch it grow!

Morning page, do muse on that!



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