Day 17 with no picture


I think I’m happy that I’m still on this challenge although, at the moment it’s getting harder than I thought! I would like to be really dedicated to this blog more, I’m on the way! Soon I won’t have to check my Facebook anymore but my blog instead- that’s what I’m working on! It’s working gradually, except that I will then have to share it on Facebook!
One interesting thing though is that most of my friends are not reading or cheering me on, I know! Why should I expect that?
They also, sometime ago told me they were following my blog and that they have subscribed to this. What I realised yesterday was: they have put their email addresses in and haven’t confirmed while a small number have put emails they don’t use! All these, I found out yesterday! No I won’t talk about it at all, that’s why I’m taking about it here! They aren’t going to find out because they don’t read this! I’ll get over this and move on pretty soon! I’m not asking for too much from my friends, I don’t think so!
So I’ve met lovely people ( bloggers) over the last few weeks and it’s been great. I’ve chatted with some and I’ve followed some back! Please note that if you are following me, and I’ve not followed you yet, I’m getting there! I tend to have a proper read on one blog before moving on to next one.
I’m writing this to say thank you so much for the support!
So here are my observations:

  • I’m a writer surrounded by non- reading people! Don’t know if that’s good or bad.
  • Need to work on networking with people in the same field and with the same mind!

My Fb post gets liked n noticed n gets comments, wait till I publish something on WordPress and shared on Fb. Then Silence!
No I’m not writing for ppl to notice but often you think maybe your friends will see! I have a very small number of friends on Fb, close friends more like, so here! I will change my Fb settings to public n accept friend request from whoever! It won’t matter much as I will now only keep friends on my whatsapp!
Dear Monday morning, please be kind, last week was really rough, I was thrown off from onset till last night!
Have a lovely Monday readers!


10 responses to “Day 17 with no picture

  1. Errmm so you think you can accuse me behind my back? I always cheer you on silly and you know i am your biggest fan so don’t go there with me except you want WW3. Bye

  2. Keep your head up Becky.

    Being self motivated is the job of a creative. Do what you do cos you love it and because you have to. No one but you has your assignment to write how you write; you’ll get better by the kind of commitment you’ve already shown, and that’s the real reward. Friends might not get it but that’s ok. It’s your life & your destiny!

    • Thanks Akara, that’s very encouraging! You would understand me too because you are in the creative business isn’t it?
      We just need sacks full of self motivation, that keeps everything going!

      • I guess so and over time I’m learning more and more how to exist in this life style

        Hope this “sermon” helps!

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