DAY 16

The wind is up and blowing hard on leaves and pulling branches, speaks of scarfs and gloves but no umbrella.


lazy day

I woke up to the sound of the rain splattering on the roof, in ones, twos, no threes!  Didn’t sleep very well, and I’m up really grumpy! Husband kept pulling the duvet off me and talking in his sleep, all because of flu!  At some point I woke up and wanted  to scream but then I realised, there’s no need. I have to wake up and get his food too (not that I mind, but I’m just grumpy). I’m too lazy to want to do anything today, although my hair needs a wash. It’s not smelly, just feels brittle and dry!

The book I’m currently reading is not so exciting either, maybe because   it’s a love story, don’t like reading love stories. I should play some music later on, that should send me into the la la land.

I think I might switch my phone off, really don’t feel like talking to anyone, just want to listen to my inner voice. YES! That’s it, I need to sit with my inner voice and hold a long conversation.

So, I’m waiting for the right time to get out of bed! I should count 1 to 10!


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