DAY 14


It’s a weird one this morning!  I’ve woken up to my alarm clock an hour later after I snoozed it.

Husband isn’t feeling too well and I will be responsible for him. He doesn’t get sick, never has since we dated more than 3 years ago.

So I had a weird dream today, my gosh!

I dreamt of slavery! I Promise I didn’t watch anything that is related at all.  I’ve not even seen ’12 years a slave’ I’ll tell you what I watched last night; it was ‘Tough Young Teachers’ on BBC. I felt like I was in a movie in the dream and I was there while the slavery happened. I was an onlooker; I was not flogged or pushed around.

This is the story:

We were sat with an old woman in a house and gosh Mandela was there too! He was having his hair shaved, by a young man. So I said to Mandela,

‘Sir, your hair has grown a little bit so you should let it fall over your shoulder as it is, why cut it? You know you represent the lion of Africa; you should have hair like a lion I think?

He smiled ‘ my daughter, many things you would feel like doing but you must always do the right things because people are watching you and are learning from you.’

And soon ,an old woman was telling us a story about her life, my friends and I. we was sat on the floor, very close to the old woman.  And she narrated her life story; how she survived during slavery. She kept dozing off while talking, and I was tapping her to wake up.

There was a man who was being pushed to his limits while asked to axe woods, he looked up and asked me to throw him a knife I held in my hand. I had a second look at it and to me It was a screwdriver, but I threw it to him anyway.

And he stabbed a tank of water with it so he could drink. His master came back and he was flogged while I watched in tears.

I jolted from my sleep! It felt so real.


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