That feeling…

I woke up with a feeling that I can’t put into one word:
That everything will be fine;
That my life is going on the right direction;
That all my dreams will come true;
That I’m strong and will overcome any obstacle in my way;
That happiness is not a destination, I can be happy now;
That one day I will look back and think …back in the days;
That my very good friends will be around me, we will all be happy;
Sharing Jokes and teasing one another;
That I’ll Just live life and love everyone around me;
That my friends are lovely people;
Oh what a feeling!
That one day my dreadlocks will be very long;
That my kids will be taller than me;
And they one day will call me ‘old fashion’ and i would say ‘no i’m not’;
That I will say to them, ‘your father and I were not like this at your age’
But that will be a lie but they won’t know, will they?
Happy Sunday


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