Day 6




Right! My head is empty this morning apart from the fact that I’m trying to remember what my dream was about.

I’m yawning so much and my back is hurting, I think I slept on my neck.

Thursday is my favourite day- I stay indoor all day today! Musing and musing.

So my target for this month is to finish tidy up the first 2000 words of my novel. I should hopefully pitch it to a publisher in March, when I  travel to Nottingham for a writers conference.  I would talk more about my novel soon. I aim to finish my first draft this year! Wish me luck.

I got an email from a client, making enquiry about ghost-writing. I should respond to this potential client today.

Things have turned around in my house.  So yesterday, my husband decided to read my blog, and today he’s woken up with me, during my morning pages. Lying down there silently, watching me while I scribble away, pretending not to see me.  So when I pulled my hair and uttered loudly,

‘gosh my head is so  blank today’

and he quickly interrupted,

‘come on you can do this.’

I know he’s been waiting to be part of this.  That was his moment, be involved and he seized the opportunity.

He’s funny like that, he hates being left out of anything, doesn’t matter what it is.

I hope that after this 28-day morning pages. My journal here ( I’d rather call it journal than blog) becomes an everyday activity not something I think I should do when I have the time.

Perspectives are gradually shifting about this.

Yes, I’d call it Journal more now! I think people would react to it differently rather  than think it’s just another blog!

Since there are few things I hope to achieve this year: the most important of all is to write! My one word for this year is to


I also want to be a minimalist: I’m understanding that simple is good and clear and precise. Simple means no clutter. Simple is space.

So to achieve that, I’ve sorted out my shoes and would get rid of what I don’t need and my next stop is my wardrobe. I’ve sorted out my library and books.

I’ll like to do something today and that is email about 10 bloggers who haven’t blogged in 6 months, encourage them to get back on it.

I’ll see what happens.   




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