Day 4

dAY 4


I almost didn’t write anything this morning!

The cliché ‘it’s better late than never’ comes to mind but I’ve never liked the phrase, I rarely use it. For me it’s an excuse to be late all the time, I’d rather do it on time or don’t do it at all.

So I started penning my apology note to myself and asking myself, why did I even put yourself up for this challenge anyway?  Maybe I should wait when I’m not tired or when I’m on holiday to get this all done properly. I tell you it’s getting harder now.  And it’s only day 4!

So I stopped myself from the apology note, I breathed and asked myself.

‘Why apologize?’ If I’m learning commitment to my blog. I am learning committed to myself as well and no, this is not the time to wish for a new page, a fresh start or brand new opportunity! I would simply keep going.

I’ve wanted to write more on my blog and do it with all my heart. So here I am getting rid of my lazy thoughts, to clear my head and then get on to important things.  I am simply siphoning off the surface of my mind so that I can get to the deeper things that will come soon afterwards.

I think I’m secretly enjoying it and I am able to prioritize and take the day with fresh eyes.

So after handwriting this morning’s page, I then type it. I’m realizing that distractions and attractions are real. I’m now making conscious effort to track my day, and swap the nasty habits for some other ones.

It’s gradually working.

I hope someday, like Julia Cameron, I can say ‘I have been writing them for twenty-five years.

PS: Julia Cameron is the author of ‘The Artists’ way’


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