Day 3

day 3



My head is blank this morning, which is very unusual. My head is never blank, because I’m always thinking. Already I missed one day of my morning pages and yes I woke up late yesterday and rushed out.

First I was asking myself why I’m I making the morning pages public by blogging it? My simple reason is that I need it to exercise my muscle; to sort of train it to be writing daily and there’s  something about being accountable. If I was doing it privately I might have pushed it aside by now. I’ve done that too many times. Now I should think of what to give myself at the end of it all. A reward, everyone needs a reward after they have achieved something, in my opinion.

I had a dream that I was with someone in the delivery room. I have been a few times though; it’s just that I told myself I would never go again.

I feel good this morning, as I had so many things I wanted to do during the weekend and I’ve been able to get them done. I’m aware that was yesterday’s glory somehow but it only plunges me further for this day. I think I’m happy getting out of bed knowing I have to blog before I leave. whoop whoop.

This February, I have so much I have to do with writing as I have a deadline, and I love it when I set myself targets, I do feel alive when I do so.

So on my way to work today, I shall out on paper my goals and targets for this month.

I’ve just arranged all my shoes and books and now it’s time to sort the clothes, close my eyes and throw some out.

I would like to have a minimalist wardrobe.

I’ll talk about that another day, Today is about setting the plans for February and the catchword for February is WRITE!

Oh I was hoping that I would get to buy this amazing bread from M&S today, I pray. I will show you the bread, it’s called Stone baked bread and it taste heavenly. Maybe I will eat it with erm olive infused herbs. Yummy.

Hope I  have a story-filled day, and hope you have a Medley Monday!




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