Day 1

day 1

The start of something new, the smell, the feel; ooh I love the excitement!

The energy rushing through me! The voice I hear in my head saying do it! Do it! Do it!

Who doesn’t like new things? New friendship, new house, new clothes, new love-everything! We all do. Me too!

I’m happy today is the first day of a new challenge. It’s a new month.

01, it says on the calendar. At least it’s better than last month’s first day, i didn’t like it very much because everyone shared it.

It wasn’t personal, so I retreated. Everyone making loud noise about the New Year bla bla, and i wanted to own if for myself: just me!

No I’m not selfish, i just don’t like following the crowd. Oh I know, I could start celebrating the Chinese New Year, no thanks!

Anyway, here it is, my first morning page!  I’m excited about the newness maybe not so much about the morning page itself.

I have a seminar today with some lovely girls- me talking to girls about being a woman #idonbeleieveit

Another thing I’ve done differently is that I didn’t buy a new journal or order leather-bound book and wait till it arrives before I do anything! Oh my gosh, I loved doing that but in hindsight, I don’t think it really helped me.

When I thought about the morning pages, I was almost running off to buy another book before i then start. So then I’m like, why wait? I can make do with sheets of paper.

I tend to leave things that are simple and run off to do complicated things, don’t know why. Incase i was not aware of this about myself, now i know.

The simple lesson is this: why wait till everything is together

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” ― Pablo Picasso.



If after reading this you are left wondering WTH?

Well it’s morning pages and I’ve explained what it is on my previous post-dated 31st January 2014.


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