February 2014, I’ll be doing a 28-day morning pages challenge.

What is a morning page?

I came across morning pages for the first time when I went away on a writer’s retreat in Arvon last summer.

‘They are three pages of daily longhand stream of consciousness, written first thing in the morning upon arising. An excellent meditation practice for hyperactive Westerners, the pages clarify and prioritize our day. Morning pages are not intended to be high art. They are siphoning off of the mind’s surface so that we can get to the deeper thoughts and impulses that lie beneath our daily voice-over.’

The quote above is from the book called:

‘The Complete Artist’s Way: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice’ by Julia Cameron

Although I haven’t got my own copy yet, I hope to buy mine and go though this very soon.

I’ve always wanted to write daily, but usually slips behind and forget about it (basically unable to). I think this is very good muscle to build as a writer.

So, on this blog, in a folder, I will post all my 28-day morning pages. I will remember to be careful what I say though.

Cheers to the next 28 days.


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