Hi all, hope I didn’t scare you.

I have been away so long that I actually forgot my password. But here I am again, on my own. Back on this lonely road I have always known.

I missed it! I really have and a lot has happened in the long months since I last came here.

What I’ve also been doing since I was away is learning so much about life and growing up, life unfolds itself sometimes when you just take time, watch and take note.

Also, things do come in the way of our goals in life, roadblocks clothed in several attires: lack of enthusiasm, distractions, attractions, genuine tiredness or even depression, growth even and change of scenery; but we must carry on.

I remembered a saying from one of my favourite movies called ‘Legend of the Guardian.’

One of my favourite parts of the movie is the part when the main character Soreen and his friends met with Echidna (the seer) on their way to the island of the Guardian; he encouraged them with these words:

‘Remember when your wings are weak

Your spirit done

You’re flown as far as you can

You are half way there’

That quote, is the reality of life, when chasing your dream. We would get tired and lose hope and when it seems like we have done all we can, we just have to keep going.

What has brought me back? Nothing short of wanting to keep going! At the moment, I am being asked to lead a reading group in North Manchester, and I’m thrilled.

Also, I’ve decided to make this blog all about my journey to print. I would make the focus of this blog a writer’s journey to print. My mind is getting clearer and as a result I’ve started another blog which will focus on all things African literature, it will take the focus away from me. Check it out: it’s a work in progress though!

I should have called it something else, but I’ve stuck with this name as it’s easier to type into Google ‘African literature’

In the mean time I leave you to enjoy this blog especially because it has a new look.

So please don’t adjust your eyes, it’s not you! It’s all been jazzed up in here.



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