It has been an inexcusable couple of months since my last post here. Dreadful!

I have sincerely written few blogs in that time, all of which were swept from the priority pile by other urgent attendances or put in the ‘upload when I next get a spare time’ pile and were swiftly forgot about.  Although, I am currently working on something I think you all will be excited to see.

So I hereby extend the humblest of apologies for my neglect and tardiness in regards to this precise corner of my www abode.

Right Now, that’s out of the way, I’m not quite sure where to begin in discussing about what has been a spectacular year so far and happily failed.

My first venture in celebrating ‘The woman I’m becoming’ is going very well. As I type this, change is very much what I breath daily- people, place and things are taking turns in altering me as a person- I think I jinxed myself from my last post. Honestly!

I had fun getting to know a lot more about myself and what I am all about- a dire need of every soul in on this planet. My discovery has been a pleasant surprise; I am still pinching myself that I might have neglected my writing and I still haven’t; jut been reading more. You know like they say- chefs eat a lot, writers read a lot!

I ‘m learning to love me; discuss with me and question me and finding joy inside me, spend time with me, my pen and I! However according to a friend of mine- writers stop writing when they fall in love, I disagree.

May is the month I start reflection on what has happened in the past one year (June 2011- June 2012). I’m excited to announce that my birthday is next month, 3rd June is the best date ever- I am looking forward to it- of course I am!

It’s still a New Year and there is so much work to be done- time is not for wasting and hanging around time wasters too. With a lot of things happening around me, my commitment to writing  and teaching continues and I’m currently getting feedbacks from people, and looking ahead to what more I can do to improve.

So with this I believe you’re pretty much updated. I’ going to power down and do some more reading.

To all my friends who have really spent time with me this year- I love you so much. Some of you have had a tête-à-tête with me and someone is really on my back to get me to write more. At this point, I say I retreat to the Muse room in my basement.

Look forward to so much this year! You will be pleasantly surprised just as I was.

The next post is an inspiring story by one of my favourite authors, please read and comment- I am interested in what you make of the story.


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