This New Year I was reflecting on what last year was for me, not so much in the year as another statistics, but what I have learnt, and I intend to keep with me.

The night of 2nd January 2012, I was on my own and decided to write down, what I’ve learnt so far. I hate repeating mistakes; I want to make new mistakes. So from the things that have happened, here are 10 most important ones I’ve learnt, while you are reading this, try to make a mental list of yours, or if you are like me, pen it right down, it goes a long way.


  1. The best person I’m good at is being me. I almost can’t compromise that: Few words I can use to describe myself include being bold, wonderfully weird and love laughing, amongst other things. I almost don’t like being someplace where I have to pretend. I suck at it. The harder I try the worse it gets, you can see right through me. My conclusion, I’m an open book and a transparent glass. Hey I didn’t make myself; I just found it in my genes the last time I was checking.

2. Friends will never ALWAYS be there for me-truth! They can only try: I expect that once I tag my friends they have obligations to me and likewise. However, not everyone can and will be there for me, rather than have high expectations of them, just don’t right? I also believe so much in being loyal, if I were to describe what it means to be a friend I’ll mention loyalty, but hey not every friend is, so I should stop expecting. Love them anyway

3. God is madly in love with me, I can’t comprehend it. I knew that before, it’s just becoming clearer, much clearer. Yeah I’m a Christian, but not religious at all. I explore the liberty that I have in Christ, while in my mind, I know He has nothing for  me but love and no one can beat that; the height, depth and width.

4. Grandma, is gone, I’ll never see her again. I’ve got my memories left of her; and of course my life can never be the same again.

5. Choose the battles I intend to fight. Because life involves fighting and it takes energy, effort and time. I should choose the ones I would like to fight and make sure I win.

6. This year taught me the biggest truth and that is to LIVE, LAUGH AND TO LOVE! To make my living more meaningful rather than exist, laugh, because it is the best medicine and to love, since it is the only thing that will last, after all. Never be too busy for a loved one. The saying goes that you might wake up one day and realize you have lost a diamond while collecting stones.

7. Mother and I, hmmmm! Our relationship is evolving. We are getting there though!

Me: Mum you ring me too much, can you stop please?

Mum: Ha, look at this child, you can even say thank you. Ok, I’ll just text you then.

Me: Mum sorry I saw your text just didn’t have the time to reply.

MuM: So you don’t even have time to reply text, ***nu!

Me: sorry, but I’ll get round to it.

Mum: Ok, no problem.


Me: You can’t even ring me? Did you know what I was going through?

MuM; ignoring me and singing

MuM: Hmmm, I can’t believe this; you just abandoned me, like you always do. Anyways, I know you want to hear what happened to me.

Mum: Sorry hun, busy busy, you can save it for later. Aren’t you too busy?

Me: ok, sorry!

Mum: Are you? Look when you chase people you love and they don’t return it; don’t waste your time chasing them. Stop it right there. If they notice your absence it’s for a good cause and if they don’t, at least you are not standing there wasting your time.

I took a pen and wrote that down! Big lesson!

8. Never, ever, ever, be afraid to start again! Getting comfortable with people I’m used to, places, and things that I’m used to doing, can be good and can never propel me to rise higher. I’ve always loved this about my life, not being afraid to loose what I have in order to get something better. It’s like planting; you give up your seed because you want more. I keep setting challenges for me, moving around and exploring things. If I can see comfort, and no challenge, I’m out. The lesson is ‘NEVER GET TOO COMFORTABLE, I SHOULD ALWAYS PUSH MYSELF!

9.DARE TO BE A DANIEL, dare to stand alone, dare to make a purpose and dare to make it known! We were taught this song in Sunday school, years ago. And it came to me last year on one of my sad days, when I was cried because I felt like I was losing my purpose.

Here is the lyrics to the song anyway, you have to stand up tall and stamp your feet when you sing it. Well that’s how I was taught!

Dare to be a Daniel

Dare to stand alone

Dare to have a purpose and dare to make it known.

Standing by a purpose true

Heeding God’s command,

Honour them, the faithful few

All hail to Daniel’s band!

Listen to it here:

10.TAKE DEEP BREATHS!  If there’s anything I hate the most, it is in this order: people who waste my time, disorganised people, and the self checkout in Asda and Tesco. I just feel the need to write about these things, hopefully when I let it out, and then I can take a deep breath. Yeah so I haven’t learnt that lesson. You don’t want to see my face when I’m those situations, I look like I’m about to burst. But if you read back at number one lesson I learnt is to be myself. dilemma? I think I can really work hard at this one.

Have a fabulous February!


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