The Latin corresponding word of the English noun ‘change’ is mutatio. It’s an imitation of the verb ‘muto, mutare’, which means ‘to move, shift’ when taking an object; and ‘to alter, change’ when not taking an object. The word ‘mutatio’ may be interpreted as ‘a changing, a change, and an alteration’.
Typically when I hear the phrase ‘change,’ I feel a little uncomfortable and I have my reasons; although they are only two.
First, I like consistency and I’m almost military in the way I do my things. I call it order; you might have a different name for it. I still peel a bag of seasoning cubes for the whole month, rather than do it when I’m cooking; like my mum taught me. She believes it’s more time effective.  I put weird things in my freezer like ginger root, hair relaxer, olive oil and biscuits. I cream my body while standing; I was told lazy people do it sitting down. I put tea before milk, so the tea can brew; I can’t stand it done the other way round!
Second reason is because, it takes a lot from me to turn, seeing that I’m like a one way traffic. So I muster strength from somewhere, to tell my brains that it is now different.
Recently, the case has actually altered, to be honest. I was told I was actually open-minded but never quite showed it. Well I actually thought I was closed-minded.
Anyways, but yeah, change for me depicts inconsistency, however it also depends on how often you have change.
Confused much?
Yeah we are all a creature of habits, only that others are worse at it than some.
I particularly hate being predicted as well, I run away from people who know me too well, and tend to play pranks on them, just to teach them a lesson, never be too sure. I think there is only one person so far in my life that has got a hang of this now, and she calls me by that name- Mum!
But I tell you, once I can see something better than where I am, I plunge for it, with excitement and maybe a little bit of fear. That’s why I’m here now; a little bit of curiosity and fear, and the concoction is done. Off I go!
But yeah change is good; indeed it is very good for us as humans.
I see it as an opportunity to explore and decide between one theory and truth; truth being what you already know, and theory being what you are yet to discover.
Few things I have embarked on this year, although I stopped the whole New Year resolution bull, because it’s like TV advert for me and many more ways of taking our money.  Rather I embark on mine before the previous year runs out. I like being different if you don’t know!
I tell myself what I want to achieve and look for ways to achieve them, rather than just set resolutions and fall off later. This is also partly because I tend to be hard on myself when I break my resolutions.
What the heck? So I threw it out?
Ok, so my point is?
I’ve tested and proved that change is healthy, it’s a breath of fresh air, and it’s like rain during a hot summer!
It’s exciting, full of adrenaline, like going on a roller coaster.
It’s being stupid, and having a chance to laugh at you.
Change however doesn’t sit well with us as human beings in the first instance.  Everyone moaned when there was a change in government couple of years ago, David Cameron became the Prime Minister and Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime minister.
When was the last time we had a hung parliament? Erm 1974 or something like that.  Change also means recycling the old and revamping it, making it look new again, or almost new.
There are times, however when change doesn’t wear a rainbow colour, it wears something like dark shades, that we often do not like. It comes in the form of losing jobs, losing a loved one, friends living apart, or married off, or migrating. It basically takes something that we are so used to and leaving that spaces there in our heart and in our lives. Those types of change are not exciting. We concentrate on what was, rather than what could be.
Our focus on that missing person or item distracts us from looking at the opportunities that could be waiting for us.
It is while there is a shift in our circumstances that we pull strength from within us. Change in income especially when it has reduced means we put our management skill to good use. It tests our resilience while discovering our ability, with things and people and places.
I am happy that it is the most constant thing, although we do not always welcome it.
While I miss some friends in my life, and know they can never be replaced, I’m happy to
engage with the new ones I’m making. It puts me on my toes, and although, I want to quickly settle in so I can be myself (It’s so hard not to be myself), makes me much of a nicer person than I really am.
Happy New Year, I’m so late, I know, it’s part of the change culture I’m embracing!
YEAH, * go on, roll your eyes*

Ok, I had a goal at the end of last year and it is to attend a reading club which I have missed severally last year and I told myself or rather punished myself that until I attend that meeting this year, I would not write any blog post. N guess what? I found a much-admired writer during the session.

What a better way to start the Year for me, woop woop!

A reader, emailed me, asking where I’ve been and what I have been doing? Here you go, I apologise for the delay, but trust me, I push myself to do some things while I temporarily stop others so that I can achieve that goal! Hope this answers your question.


6 responses to “MUTATIO?

  1. Change is good, we might as well embrace it since its inevitable. This is well written, thumbs up.

  2. I still believe you are close minded. There are alot of areas and avenues you are yet to allow yourself explore which is not good for your writing but i know you will get there, you are evolving!!!!

  3. Mmmm…. Change can be such a tricky thing.. Good, bad or just damn confusing sometimes!! We have all had chang in some form or other and it can shape your life… From primary to secondary school, for example, is usually one of the biggest starts of changes and usually are your most formative years… People as old as 60 years can remember changing, not wanting to change, but, those changes being for good, with many laughs as well as tears..

    So in conclusion, change is something to embrace and be used to… You dont realise that all along, that is exactly what you’ve been doing.. MUTATIO in all forms throughout your life at present. Good post, girl!

  4. Great post i have come out with this: Look when you chase people you love and they don’t return it; don’t waste your time chasing them. Stop it right there. If they notice your absence it’s for a good cause and if they don’t, at least you are not standing there wasting your time.

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