It could sound funny, to whinge a little about moving into a new home with all its upsides and downsides especially since earthquake in Haiti and Tsunami in Japan or the civil war in Egypt. I acknowledge the simple human philosophy that whilst you are complaining you ought to think that some people are worse compared to you. When you whinge about shedding weight, imagine people who haven’t got food; when you whinge about having too much clothes, think about someone out there doesn’t have options of what to wear.

But, really I know all these things and honestly I do think about them all the time, but let me indulge a little and just whinge about moving home;  because that’s the only time I wish I was a snail.

Moving home have always been an exciting experience for me as a child, considering the fact that your parent do most of the work, until I became an adult; by that definition it means you are responsible for what you do!

Whilst a child is excited about the change, I noticed that  an adults don’t welcome change very often. Moving home from one end of the street to the other is a chore, let alone migrating into a different country to settle. The attitude to change with children and adult is the same regardless of colour, race and nationality; Adults dread it and kids love it!  Moving home is one of the most daunting experiences of an adult life, although it is inevitable, you either move because of work or because of your change in relationship status.  Either way we do move with one thing in mind- to have a better life!

It means leaving what you are used to, behind you: Garden, the conservatory your favourite spot (for me it’s the loo), your Neighbours and the corner Shop you run to when you have omitted that one item from the shopping list. The regular things you have taken for granted or  the Bus route on your way home. There is fear of the unknown, the uncertain  attitude of new neighbours, confused mind over what is where and where is what; it’s much harder when you haven’t moved in two decades.

As I write this I know now why my granddad, even though most of  his friends have died,  hasn’t made new friends!

Finance is another issue for moving home, as this is usually the principal reason most times. We are all inhaling the credit crunch, and whether we like it or not, we have at one point this year made a little modification to our spending. Moving home does not necessarily mean moving into a bigger home, we could be downsizing, companies are reducing staff wages, in my University, we’ve been asked to now print on both sides rather than one side, even the bin collectors have requested for compost collection; we are all pretending to be green when the real reason is because of finance.

Family and friends are also, a major reason why as an adult we don’t jump at change, maybe we do in front of the children.  We worry about how they will take the news, will they support, end the relationship or will they even visit like they used to? Most times their attitude towards this change might encourage you or frighten you. It is also a good time to sieve your wheat friends from the weeds. Some will willingly help and cancel other appointments to help, while others will grudgingly do so; let’s not forget those who will encourage you by words of mouth but absent in the scene; those who create a happy atmosphere but carry less, the whispers of the disdain and more so, those who have probably had their prayers answered, (they have been waiting to take over your space)!

These people relationship skill above does not exclude the contracts you will sign with different people, plumber, carpenter, staff from gas and boiler Company, BT phone line, postman and change of address for work and confidential information. The list is endless. From these ones, you’ll also see people whose work is not up to standard; they’ll annoy you and remind you of the reasons why you didn’t want to move in the first place. You especially, will annoy yourself when you miss your way to your new home a few times!

Medically, it is a phase that could leave us mentally depressed. As depression is just a condition of mental disturbance characterised by lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining a particular phase of life. Pains from bending and carrying and lifting and dragging, sleeping discomfort because the bed has not been delivered yet, eating take away which could probably mean spending more money or having a stomach upset. Sad but true, it could also affect relationship between a happy couple if they are unable to cope with the stress, they might blame each other for things that went wrong, and trust me that a lot of things will go wrong!

If you have read this and you know a friend moving home or a friend of a friend, buy them a card or show some love as this could be a quick way out of depression for them. Love is a mystery yet it is a powerful source that can cure so many diseases, only those doctors are not aware yet!

So basically I’m not the one moving home it’s my friend. For the past few weeks, she has been and yet she hasn’t stopped packing. Phew, it’s like a taboo now when I mention parking because sudden feeling envelopes me and I picture the massive pile of clothes that needs hanging and the books on the floor that wants to sit on shelves….

She has huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed; she has been disappointed and surprised, annoyed and refused to eat yet she is still trying to lose weight in the process (confused face).  We talked about the colour of the carpet, the setting of the living room and bedroom; I listened for a while and stopped, and was caught pretending to listen. It wasn’t hard to decide which furniture she liked to bring to the new home, it was hard to decide which one was practical. We have laughed, we have fought, she threw me out one of the days, but I can forgive lol!

I know she would miss a lot of things in the old house: her room, the conservatory and the garden. I’m happy we had her last birthday in the garden or at least we made an attempt. If you are my friend’s friend; basically if you were me, (I know, that’s impossible right?) you would whinge AND, pull your hair out; because watching this friend of mine, made moving home a purging thought on my mind.



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