There is something fresh and optimistic about these words; whatever new means to you: new dawn, new clothes, a new home or the start of new relationships, oh yeah and New Parliament, for me. I love to watch the annual procession of new parliament from Buckingham palace to Westminster.  There is an anticipation that a beginning  is free of problems and full of promises;beginnings stir hopes and imaginative visions of the future. With it, comes temporary elimination of past bad memories and hurts; it seals the heartache and ultimately takes your mind to the dreamland. It offers opportunity for change to your lives on old issues. We jump at the start of anything new. Have you noticed that you are usually the most polite person at the first few weeks of your new job?

Have you also noticed our approach to New Year’s Day especially?  It  arouses joy, enthusiasm, passion, and determination. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions—promises or goals we hope to accomplish during the coming year. Such resolutions often include losing weight, praying more, or saving money. Other resolutions might deal with improving one’s relationship with a family member and friend.

The reality is this: these resolutions are short-lived, that is, we don’t follow through on these plans. The reason(s) is personal and confidential. Like a farmer, we have all sown seeds at the beginning of this year, with hope that the seed will germinate and bear fruits. However, few of us have gone back to the seed to prune it, pull the weeds out, or water the plant.

An Ancient Poet once wrote and I quote

‘Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof…’

We ought to celebrate graduation day more than resumption date, we should rejoice more on a burial of a well lived man on earth than we do a new-born baby.

Those things we started with at the beginning of the year have been abandoned by many of us, we need to check our attitude and persuasion, and Alas it has reduced in temperature.  Some do not remember at all. I do not write with the ignorance of the things that easily befall us i.e. lack of finance, bereavement, discouragement from loved ones, and possibly lack of visible growth in what we have started.

Most of all, these things are not new to life itself and to every creature on earth; however we MUST not lose hope– that which is our motivation for life. Last week I recently started running every morning as I have planned at the beginning of this year, thank goodness I reviewed my goal for 2011. Few of my plans have been started and abandoned; an example is my blog, God help me! We strive to stick to this plan and this is what we find hard to do- develop an outlook of maintenance!

Everyone loves new things, but not to maintain what used to be new. We are quick to change our wardrobes for something new, swap an old pair of shoe out for a new one, on and on in a vicious circle.

I write today to encourage you to keep at it! It’s not an easy thing but remember that with DILIGENCE comes reward.  I hope to write something about this at the end of this year!

Put together the words in bold and see if it makes sense to you!





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