The date was 31st May 2011, the official start of my freelance writing career *thumbs up* and few  days to my birthday. It would be my first time to quit a job over what I love and hope would become a successful career. Like many aspiring writer, the knee jerk reaction you have towards this is ‘how would I survive without a regular income?’ since we all know that writers get paid peanuts for it until you become a best seller.

My reasons for quitting my job are pretty simple and straight forward: writing takes time and time for me is priceless. I’ve thought about it several times and the ‘call’ for writers to always take time out to write is essential. Like I read recently from an essay that ‘a writer need not offer excuses for not writing

It is terrifying to be aware that many aspiring writers do not knit time to write because of full-time employment or other commitments. However, it is at this junction that most of us bury the talent/calling because of lack of courage to leave the well paid job and give time to writing.

Personally, there was no reason why I should be fully immersed into a writing career since it is only a hobby, until it became part of my life, I write down almost everything. Writing became important to me when I turned down my law school for an MA in creative and I had few weeks to write to get on the course because I wouldn’t be considered otherwise. I produced a sincere portfolio that reflected my life and it got me a place on the course. Sincerely I write this from my heart as I have noticed that most people after studying for years in a chosen field decide to settle for a different career elsewhere because   it pays the bill. Should we aspire to ‘live the dream or work for a living’?

Some days I’ll wake up petrified to face the reality of what I’ve chosen; other times it will make great sense. I have chosen this path while labelled a rebel in the family. I’d rather try than regret that I haven’t tried at all.

My life will be filled with excitement and pressure of writing a new story, sore fingers from continuous typing because of deadlines, little or no social life, loneliness, researching and above all, the contentment that someone out there is reading my written work. As I write this piece, I am working on a 5,000 word (short story) competition which further strengthens my resolve for this route. I love sitting around in my study and working from this corner of the world. This type of job is a myriad of unknown, but I will work hard to make it worthwhile.


3 responses to “BABY STEPS…

  1. I admire your bravery, even with the plainly obvious future that seems imminent without a full or even part time job…. This is the harsh reality that is LIFE, but … I’d rather keep my dreams as well, rather than walk an endless career path with no passion.

    ” I want to keep my dreams, even bad ones, because without them, I might have nothing all night long.” Joseph Heller

  2. i commend your bravery. i am even there right now. wondering sometimes if perhaps i am crazy. yet, it makes absolute sense at other times. our path i’d say is less travelled and yes, it can get scary and lonesome.

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