My frog-kissing story

I’m sure we all remember the story of the princess and the frog! The moral of this fairy tale is of course that to find true love, you need a dollop of patience. Although I recently stopped watching cartoons, only couple of months ago though (thanks to the wonderful men in my life); they are only great for one thing, they bring out the kid in you, and at the same time infuse a strong moral into us.

I’m sure you are wondering, what has that got to do with the price of fish? Unlike the story of ‘the princess and the frog,’ some frogs after being kissed hop right back into the pond lol, they don’t turn into a prince charming! Ok, maybe not laff out loud, but yeah, they do hop back.

They hop back in the pond especially in a quick-fix, attitude to life that we live in; and I think it’s down to the approach of the princesses before kissing the frog. Some ladies are quick to kiss the frog while others have various other reasons why they allow their frogs hop back in the pond.

Ladies! Note:  NOT ALL FROGS WILL TURN INTO PRINCE CHARMING! Frog and men have similar anatomy (check your biology notes from High school,*whisper* or goggle it).

For instance, you meet a guy and like every well brought-up princess; you ignore his slimy skin and bulging eyes, whether he is spring peepers, green frog, the leopard frogs or the bull frogs; he invites you out. Couple of weeks, later you develop feelings and before you could stop yourself you say the four letter word L-O-V-E. You don’t stop there; you wear it all over your face because you can’t control your emotions. Hmm, is that love?  The truth is that you haven’t studied your frog yet, he might have just hopped to your side, because the princess he awaits hasn’t walked pass, don’t be quick to fall in love, use your five senses and the sixth as a lady. Check if he’s the right frog for you, or are you just seeking attention?

Like I always tell myself, you cannot love without giving; they are two sides of a coin. Now ladies, cut down on giving and how much is too much? Too much is, when you take him gadget shopping i.e. laptops or phones, seeking attention from him and ignoring your girlfriends and the most expensive gifts of all- opening your legs. That’s it, you have given water to the frog, when he’s had enough, he goes back in the pond. Let him do a bit of hard work; don’t put you on the plate like that. You don’t always have to talk to him, or you pick the phone before it rings the second time.

Instead buy him books to read, shampoo to wash off the mucky slimy dirt on him.  Get him a map of life (whatever that means to you), engage him in intelligent conversation, give him Sudoku and tell him it’s your favourite game, ask him for advice on how you can achieve your career; like me you can discuss politics and when he starts to croak, he wants to go back into the pond, that’s not your frog so don’t kiss him, just let him go. If he wants to be with you, he will soon become interested in what you like or challenge you on why you like it.

Men Frogs are scared of commitment, ladies should control their emotions and take time to study your frog, at least know what type he is, and observe his personae. Don’t ask me how, just study your frog! It has happened to my friend, well, a friend of my friend. However, some genuine frogs do come round as well, they might be shy and weak, you can surely build them up, and you only know that when you have studied your frog.

And make sure, before you kiss him, open your eyes- honest! While your eyes are closed, he might be gone. Who said you can’t enjoy the kiss with your eyes open, ask my boyfriend- my eyes were open and my glasses were on them. I held onto his neck!


2 responses to “My frog-kissing story

  1. I loved this post…I would say though that there are too many frogs to choose from…HOW DO YOU KNOW THE ONE TO CHOOSE??

    Looks like we women will need to jump and leap like that frog into sometimes unknown waters to find that special person!!

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