Can love be confined?

In a shy secluded silence, is where they often hold hands.

A gentle word and a friendly touch they share amidst their friends and in the crowd.

The tenderness of tangled wet lips, the giggling behind the closed doors, the joy that radiates at each other’s

appearance, reflects their heart towards each other.

I watch him through my window, as he makes the silent footsteps when he leaves her room at dawn. She soon begins to

look in the mirror repeatedly, flicking her hair and re-painting her lips few minutes before he arrives.

He often throws his arms around her, especially when no one is looking and when I make an eye contact, he is quick to

withdraw his arms.

And she responds with a dazzle in her eyes when he asks,

‘Would you like us to go out for a meal tonight or you would rather watch a movie?’

And when they are both asked; ‘are you two in love?’

They proclaim friendship to the whole community!


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